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Take on sandy condition with the Airspace S

Designed specifically for riding in sand conditions, the Airspace S Stray Goggles add closed-cell vent foam to filter out sand and other debris.

It borrows features from our pro-level Vue Goggles for improved ventilation, peripheral vision, and comfort. It has a larger viewport and improved frame angles to give you a wider field of view.

  • Best-in-class viewport for unparalleled peripheral vision
  • Variable Lens System (VLS) allows transfer of standard and injection molded lens
  • Closed cell vent foam blocks sand and debris from entering eye-port
  • Outrigger design creates a secure fit to keep dust and debris out of the viewport
  • Triple-layer face foam with fleece liner provides superior sweat absorption
  • 6-pin lens retention system keeps lens securely attached to the frame
  • 45 mm non-slip silicone strap improves grip on helmet
  • 3-post tear-off system ready
  • Microfiber goggle bag included
  • Additional clear lens included
  • Lexan™ lens offers UV Protection
  • Dark grey Lexan™ lens